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People in Paraguay often run short of very basic necessities.  Women, children, and the aged, who have lived a life of poverty, have no government social service organizations to provide financial assistance for them, so, it is these people who suffer the most.  Nutritious meals are rare or non existent. Few jobs pay even the minimum wage. Families often live in cramped, cardboard houses.  Many women have been abandoned by their partners and left alone to raise their children with very little outside support. Chronic unemployment, substance abuse, prostitution, domestic violence, and disease take their toll as the cycle of poverty and despair repeats itself from generation to generation.


Project for the People of Paraguay

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You are an integral part of making the many  visions a reality.  Without the commitment of PPP’s dedicated supporters, none of these successes would have been possible.  The staff and volunteers are all  deeply grateful for your commitment and your  investment in the Project for the People of Paraguay and in the lives of all those we serve.

Your continued partnership is crucial to our  success.   Please consider, once again, the needs of the Paraguayan’s  living in poverty and do whatever you can to help them.



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