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Dignity Village Farm

Set in the rural area of Itagua, Dignity Village is a 25 acre farm owned and operated by the PPP.  This community agriculture training program began in 2005 when PPP partnered with an American man who owned and operated his vegetable business on-site at Dignity Village.  Three years into the program, the PPP was gifted the entire infrastructure and after a brief interruption in vegetable production , the PPP began to grow food and raise livestock to help feed hungry children from poor communities.

In the past, the PPP used Dignity Village to help alleviate a serious hunger problem that several of the Indigenous tribes experienced.  An appeal  provided funds to purchase over 5000 pounds of rice and beans. These necessary food stables were transported to northern Chaco region of Paraguay to the Navacle and Enlehet tribes while vegetables were planted at Dignity Village and upon harvest were transported to the tribes.

Now, at Dignity Village Farm the fields are being prepared and vegetables planted in an effort to have an on-going cycle of food that will provide vegetables and meat for Koeju centers that feed a healthy meal to over 1500 poor children living in  communities in the greater Asuncion area.  Dignity Village will also serve as the 10th Koeju center.  Like the other centers, Dignity Village Koeju, will offer spiritual support as well as a variety of life skills programs.

It is the vision of the PPP to expand this project.  To do that,  funding must become available to secure additional experienced agriculture  staff,  and to purchase seeds, fertilizer, farm equipment, and materials to build a warehouse.



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