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Housing and Relocation Project

During the 9 year partnership with Habitat for Humanity International, the PPP provided funds to HHI that helped 35 families secure property and materials to build a house in a safe neighborhood.  Beginning in 2008, the PPP Funded Housing and Relocation Program  was developed and to date has assisted 8 additional families with no interest loans to build a home with an affordable payment plan.  Also this program provides no interest loans to families who want to make improvements or build additions to their existing homes.

The objective of the Housing and Relocation Project is to build a strong and healthy family environment for each child…….a positive environment for children to develop and grow.

It is PPP’s vision to continue to expand this program  to provide more sponsored families the opportunity to begin the application process. To do this funds are needed to purchase more land and building materials.

This program is funded through outright donor support.