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Near Future Visions

Schools that provide academic and spiritual development.

Since 1992, the PPP has served the needs of a growing population of Paraguayan children and their families.  Beginning with the registration of 30 children at a PPP funded daycare facility, the child sponsorship has expanded to provide assistance to several hundred children.

Education has been called the great equalizer because  of its ability to empower individuals by giving them the knowledge and skills to rise out of poverty. Consequently, education has been the focus and key element of the sponsorship program.

Like many impoverished countries with failing economies, education in Paraguay is suffering because of lack of funds to pay teachers or to build more schools to accommodate the growing population.  The public schools are overcrowded and lack educated people to staff the classrooms consequently the quality of education  is inadequate and inferior. The children are not exposed to cultural or spiritual learning material  nor are they taught the tools of how to become honest and responsible citizens.  Many children are passed on to the next grade without knowing how to read or write  and as a result will quit school without any  basic life skills.

Because of our growing concern for the children, both academically and spiritually,  the PPP has begun the research to open a school of our own while  also partnering  with other faith communities who share our same vision and who are committed to setting children on a Godly path

Because the PPP works with the poorest of Paraguay, it is the vision of the PPP to provide  children an opportunity to learn in  a private school  setting  without the high tuition that few of our poor families could afford.  Consequently, the  Support  a School  Program  has been developed.  This program helps send PPP children to schools that use a Bible based curriculum.

A Chemical Dependency Rehabilitation Center