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Woman of Dignity Program

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.”  Proverbs 31:25

According to a UN report, educated women are healthier, more economically productive, and engage in public life more than their uneducated counterparts.

The Dignity Program provides long term support services for Paraguayan women  that helps them  develop successful and independent lifestyles  for themselves and their children through :    

  • monthly informational meetings.
  • access to skills/vocational training and continuing education.
  • job placement opportunities including self-sufficiency micro business training and set-up.
  • no interest micro loans and financial assistance.
  • legal assistance.
  • dental benefits.
  • psychological  education and services.
  • housing opportunities.

Funding for the benefits of the program come from generous sponsor donors  who have committed to the Woman to Woman Sponsorship Program.

The Dignity Elderly Sponsorship Program assists women so they can age with dignity, safety and comfort.  Aging women in Paraguay who have lived a life of poverty have no pension program,  social security, or governmental social service programs to provide financial or medical assistance for them. The elderly program provides adequate housing, health and dental benefits, nutritious food, and aging and death process care. Sponsor donor commitment provides funding for these benefits.

Vulnerable young women have a chance to succeed living at Dignity House..  The  house has the capacity of providing care for 8 young women.  Under the guidance of an on-site foster family, the girls live in a structured, disciplined, and loving environment where they continue their education and prepare to transition into society with new life skills.

The Dignity Sewing Program is a one year class that trains women in the art of sewing.  Graduates of this program are provided micro-business kits to set up home based businesses.  The kit includes  one new sewing machine, table,  sewing supplies and fabric that the woman has earned through volunteer hours working on sewing projects for the PPP and it’s community programs.
For  more information Google: sewing project Limpio Paraguay

Credit, not charity, is the surest way out of poverty for many women and their children.  Micro-finance programs have proven to be efficient tools to fight poverty.  Started in 2007, the PPP Micro-Business Loan Program has provided  financial assistance to destitute families enabling them to start or expand small businesses.  As a result many women have become financially independent.  These same women have become responsible borrowers and repay at a rate of 95% or better.  Because of the success of the program, the PPP is able to use repaid loans to provide new loans for other poor people to establish home based businesses such as tailoring and sewing, food and juice vendors, grocery stores, meat markets, clothing vendors, vegetable and flower stands, gift shop, bakery and catering.

Rosalina Quinonez de Gomez

Marta Lucilia Baez Ferreira