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The Wyffels Family

After adopting a child 16 years ago, our family had a chance to go back to Paraguay in May, 2011. What an amazing experience we had! We left there with many stories and memories that would enrich our lives forever.

Our Paraguay experience began during our scheduled visit to the PPP office to meet our sponsored child Andrea and her family. Together with PPP staff and Sheri Bitzan, we gathered for coffee and rolls, while Nadia, the PPP translator kept communication flowing between all of us. It was wonderful to meet Andrea and her family and witness ourselves how our monthly support is meeting her needs. Our kids felt this was a highlight of our trip. Please know that every dollar that is given for a sponshorship is well worth the value these children receive!

A few days later we began to work at one of the housing projects where a PPP family was in the beginning stages of construction. Everything is done by hand with no help from heavy equipment so much sweat and hard work, we dug the septic system, mixed cement, prepared the floor, and removed brush and trees from the property.

The Project for the People of Paraguay is a fantastic organization that is improving the lives of the Paraguayan people. Often times, when we donate to organizations we don't know how our money is spent, but please be assured that every dollar given to the PPP is used wisely and is making a difference in the lives of many in Paraguay!

We would like to thank the PPP staff in Asuncion as well as Sheri Bitzen for making our trip so memorable. They are amazing people.

Wyffels Family
The Wyffels Family - John, Leah, Chad, sponsored child Andrea and Sandy
Andrea's Sisters and Mother

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