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The Glass Family

I have had the good fortune to visit Paraguay five times since 2004 as an excort with the Ties Program*. At least once during each visit I have visited with, or talked to the PPP staff. What a wonderful group of people! They are so willing to explain their programs, have visitors at the office and bring sponsored children to visit their sponsors. In 2010, interest in doing a service project resulted in 8 Ties participants traveling out to Dignity Village Farm where they weeded and planted tomatoes. The teenagers, (all adopted from Paraguay) and their parents were very impressed with the staff and the work that was occuring at the farm.

During the many Ties* trips to Paraguay, we have had several sponsors meet with their sponsored women or children. PPP staff arranges their transportation and serves as translators during these meetings. This has been the highlight of the trip for some of the traveling families.

Personally, my family has sponsored two children over the years and we were fortunate to meet both of them. Another of the Ties* escorts sponsored a child through high school and continues to meet with him during her frequent trips to Paraguay. On another occasion, a family on their first trip back to Paraguay decided that while in country they wanted to sponsor a child. A quick call to the PPP office resulted in the family meeting the child who they would sponsor. During the meeting, PPP office supervisor, Nadia de Martinez, recognized the sponsoring mom as someone she knew in 1991 while helping adopting parents at the Excelsior Hotel. It is truly a small world!!! *www.adoptivefamilytravel.com

Glass Family
Kari Glass (adopted from PY in 1992), Liz, our sponsored child, Laurie Glass during a 2011 visit

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