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Child Sponsorship

“ The Character of Our Children Tomorrow Depends on What We Put Into Their Hearts Today.”

The Child Sponsorship Program provides immediate education, medical, psychological, and dental benefits  that helps a vulnerable child survive , grow, and reach his or her God-given potential.

The PPP realizes that education is crucial if we are going to break the cycle of poverty so education has become the focus and key element of the sponsorship program. 

Generous sponsors are matched to a child who receives a multitude of benefits throughout the year.  The  school uniform, shoes, school supplies, books, registration and tuition fees are the priority benefits that are distributed.  The medical, dental,  psychological, and special gift  support are also provided through the child’s sponsored years.

Both the child and the sponsor have the opportunity to build a relationship through letter correspondence.

The Child Sponsorship Program has proven that helping a child in Paraguay enhances the lives of the entire family in several ways:

  • Because the child receives monthly benefits that the parents would try to provide, it makes more available income for the parents to spend on food, clothing, and other essentials for the family.
  • Siblings and parents are eligible and given the opportunities of the Dignity Program, Dignity House and Dignity Village. These benefits heighten their level of education and job skills while providing sustainable incomes that can continue to support their families in secure, safe, and
    affordable housing.

Sponsors Visit Their Sponsored Child




The father of one family was so ill that PPP gave that family a house...


Daniel Gulimar

Maria Celest

Ameila Penaya lives with her grandmother