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Other Achievements

Beginning in 1992 and through 2010 the PPP has:

  • Developed a daycare and built an onsite  medical/dental facility in the slums of Asuncion, Paraguay, which continues to be operated under the direction of Pastor Luis Manfred .
  • Registered and provided yearly education, medical and dental  benefits to over 350 on the Child Sponsorship Program.
  • Sent 7 shipments of humanitarian supplies, equipment, food and clothing and distributed to 60  non- profit organizations  for distribution to the poor throughout Paraguay.
  • Provided education, job training and dental benefits to over 125 women who are registered on the Dignity Program.
  • In partnership with Habitat for Humanity International built 35 houses for poor families.
  • Provided 100 micro business loans.
  • Since 2005 issued over 95 scholarships for high school graduates or adults  to continue higher education at a university or trade school.
  • In partnership with Kids Against Hunger USA , PPP packaged and shipped 14 tons of nutritionally enhanced dehydrated food  for distribution to the Indigenous tribes of Paraguay.